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I know its been a while since I have posted anything….so I will try to catch you up….


After Wellington we headed to Tongariro National Park. We were hoping for some good weather….and we did not get it.

The park is home to 3 volcanoes that are still active and has a variety of hiking along with some good skiing for the North Islanders. We were hoping to do the hike that takes us around the volcano but mother nature intervened. Kat and I still decided to get out and do something in the park so we didn’t drive all the way there for nothing. We opted for the hike to the Tama lakes. It was supposed to be a simple 4-5 hour hike, no biggie, we’ve done worse.

HA! I don’t think so! Turns out this hike would be pretty easy to do in the summer, but in the winter months….with the snow, and the rain, and the mud… was not so much fun.
We couldn’t even see the trail! Thank goodness for the posts that mark the trail, we just kept looking for the next post and hoped we could reach it without sinking in a mud-hole or stepping into and ice-covered hole of water that reached up to our knees…..we succeeded only half of the time. Oh ya, did I mention that once we got to the lakes it was too cloudy to even SEE them. And then it started to rain. Not SNOW…..but rain. Which meant that it started melting the snow around us creating an even more unpleasant surrounding of mud!

Notice how happy we were at the end of this hike....

Notice how happy we were at the end of this hike....

By the time we reached the car we were ready to get out of freakin’ nature and back to our warm hostel.

And of course the next morning when we had to get up and leave, we saw the sun rise….and it was GORGEOUS outside. A perfect day for hiking all over the volcanoes…..I think God was mocking us.

The gorgeous morning sunrise.....


The next day we ended up at Rotorua. We stopped at Waiotapu for the “geo-thermal wonderland”. I saw my first geyser erupt, the Lady Knox shot up about 21 meters in the air. Then after that we walked around the steaming trees and boiling pools of mud and saw all types of crazy geo-thermal wonderful-ness. My favorite part of the geo-thermal wonderland was that everything we saw was either named after or signified something satanic…..the devil’s bath….hell’s hole…..I can’t remember them all…but they were good ones!

My very first geyser experience! Look how impressed I was!!!

My very first geyser experience! Look how impressed I was!!!



More geo-thermal-ness

More geo-thermal-ness

Because of all the sulfur springs and geothermal surroundings, Rotorua has plenty of touristy things to do. Kat and I opted to check out the Blue Pools which were naturally heated from the surroundings and then we decided we needed a night out!

We splurged a little more and booked a cultural excursion called Mitai. Basically like a Hawaiian luau, but not. We learned all about the Maori culture, the food they ate, etc. It was good times! Even better since we once again doctored our drinks and started the party on the bus ride over there! We knew our trip was coming to an end and that we needed to finish up whatever other goodies we had stashed away. Now being the classy girls that you know, we took the rest of the Captain and poured it into a “TO GO” water bottle. I think that we had the BEST bus ride out of everyone else in the group. Thankfully we took plenty of photos and video so we could remember more of the night…later.

Maori warriors making an entrance in the war canoe...or waka.

Maori warriors making an entrance in the war canoe...or waka.

Warriors performing the Haka, the Maori war dance.

Warriors performing the Haka, the Maori war dance.



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  1. Glad to hear you didn’t waste anything. 🙂

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