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Snail Mail: Harpers Ferry–Take 2

After some Dunkin Donuts and resupplying Brian dropped us back at the Appalachian Trail Center (ATC) in Harpers Ferry. It was fantastic seeing Brian, AKA Duke Nukem, again and I am truly thankful for all he’s done to help me out.

The ATC is extremely hiker friendly with a hiker lounge, sodas, computer access, and hiker boxes. It is here that you take your 1/2 way picture that is placed in the official book of A.T. hikers. I was the 137th Northbound hiker to get to Harpers Ferry. Very exciting to know that I’ve made it this far and am in extremely high spirits for the rest of the trip!

Before hiking out of town, I decided to catch a quick beer in the downtown area with some hikers I hadn’t seen in a while, Uno, The Dude, Philly Ben and a few others. Harpers Ferry is a nice little historic town and it was the weekend so it was hoppin’!

I finally left town and went 15 miles for the day. If felt so great being on the trail again that I found myself just standing there for a quite a while appreciating the sounds of nature. Because of my late start I had to walk about an hour in the dark with my headlamp. While doing this I’m obviously focused on my feet. Every so often I look up, and one time I looked up to find a bear on the trail looking right back at me. I may have made a few unnatural noises, and a few seconds past and the bear bounded into the trees. Lets just say for the next mile to the shelter my senses were on high alert!

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