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5-25-12—5-26-12 Duncannon and the Doyle…such a trap.

One evening I arrived at a shelter to find Ratbucket packing up and leaving. Confused as to what was happening, he didn’t need long to explain that the bugs were terrible. I was there for less then 2 minutes and was getting eatin alive. I didn’t even take off my pack and followed him right back up the hill. We ran into Kittens coming down the side trail and told him to turn around, we were going to town. Duncannon was just another 4 miles, so we booked it to make it there before dark. As we were getting closer to town, the boys were farther ahead of me and light was fading fast, I missed a crucial trail intersection and ended up walking down the side of the mountain the wrong way. I realized my mistake when I got to the bottom and had to get out my headlamp and retrace my steps back UP and then OVER the other side.

Finally walking into Duncannon I saw Pretzel sitting on a bench and he offered me a slice of pizza! I met up with Ratbucket and Kittens at the Doyle hotel a little later and had a beer with them. I say Doyle “Hotel”, but this is like no hotel I’ve ever stayed at. I’ve seen hostels that are thousands of times nicer then this, but hey, it was an experience. I will simply let the pictures speak for themselves. The cool thing about the Doyle was the 2nd floor had a sweet wraparound deck, so we got some pizza and beer and congregated up there with some other hikers.

The next day was the Memorial Day parade in town that passed right by the hotel. A couple hikers, Mark and Sean, are doing a “Warrior Hike” fundraiser and were going to actually be in the parade so we decided to stick around and watch. Their hike is all about raising donations and increasing awareness for wounded veterans, if you would like to learn more check out their page:

The parade was okay, not awesome (there was no candy being thrown out). The highlight for Avatar, Ratbucket and myself however was that we decided that was the perfect moment to attempt the famous 1/2 gallon ice cream challenge. It was tough. Really tough. It took me 45 minutes to complete and I was feeling a little ill afterwards, but it still got done. Ratbucket and I exchanged our wonderful handmade commemorative spoons, and then I gave in to an ice cream coma.

My stomach was no where near ready to start hiking so I hung around for a few hours…and then decided I was ready for a beer. Many hikers were congregating in the Doyle Hotel’s bar and before we knew it many games of pool were played and nobody wanted to leave. It was also starting to look really eerie outside as dark clouds were moving in fast. After going to the store for a couple of things and walking out to a downpour, I decided another night in town wouldn’t be terrible. This is how accidental “Zero’s” happen….parades, ice cream, beer, pool games….it’s all a trap.

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  1. Jill I love reading about your adventure, It’s like a GREAT Book that you can’t wait to read the next chapter. Be Safe, Have fun and keep posting. Love Ya Nyla

    Comment by Nyla | June 29, 2012 | Reply

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