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A few more pictures

1. “The Vermont Vageboners” ready to tackle some serious trivia. It was supposed to be “The Vermont Vagabonds”, but apparently someone couldn’t spell.

2. Tequila shots and Operation game? It’s about to get a little bit crazy up in here!

3. Back Door getting her butt kicked by Inchworm.

4. Me and a group of Long Trail Hikers. We were at The Long Trail Inn where the A.T. and the L.T. split up. Sad to say goodbye to a fun group of people.

5. View from The Cabin Lookout.

6. Inchworm and Back Door cooking dinner at The Cabin Lookout.

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7. Good Morning Back Door!

8-10. Sunrise at The Cabin Lookout.

11-13. The Cabin, open for hikers to sleep in and had a platform on top of the roof.

14. Store right next to the trail where we had a lovely ice cream break.

15. Excited about the ice cream break.

16. Tattoos on my arm, matching niece, Isabelle.


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  1. Jill, I’d like to do a feature about your trip for the Plainview News. Mind emailing me when you get a chance at Thanks! Brook

    Comment by Brook Curtiss | August 6, 2012 | Reply

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