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Sketch and another Emergency

When Kat left and I got back to the trail, there was a sense of loneliness that came over me. I was so used to hiking with Kat for so long that it was weird being on my own again. Even when I was in the Whites I was hiking with other people, but everyone else I had ever hiked with was way further on the trail since I had taken so many shorter/slower days.
My first day back proved to be difficult as I got stung by a yellow jacket. Nothing happened except my leg obviously hurt where I was stung, and I took a Benadryl right away. Later that evening after I had set up camp and was eating dinner, I noticed that I was getting a rash. After I finished dinner I started itching other places too. My back, my thighs, my stomach…I started checking and my entire body was starting to turn red and splotchy. I was having some sort of delayed reaction to the sting and was starting to freak out. I ended up taking more Benadryl and called my stepmom for advice. She kept calling every 2 hours to check on me, but bottom line was if it kept getting worse I would need to night hike to a road and try to get to an emergency room.

Now remember I am in the middle of the Maine wilderness, so not an easy thing to do. Also, I’m in the part of Maine that has a bunch of little small towns so the nearest E.R. was still a good hour away from any road I would come upon. It was indeed a scary situation. I was just happy that I had cell reception so I could contact anybody at all. I made a mud pack to put on the part that I was stung and waited until I could take more Benadryl. Obviously I finally fell asleep since I was poppin’ Benadryls left and right, but my stepmom called and checked on me and thank God the rash stopped spreading and by the morning it was all gone except where I was originally stung. Quite the way to get back on the trail…


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